Summer Camp 2017 is Here! 

We are gearing up for the best summer camp ever! Five full weeks ~ Monday -Friday 9am -1pm daily.
Each week long camp offers unique and delicious adventures in cooking, baking, tasting and exploring the culinary world around your children. Even the pickiest of eaters find that once they are the creative force in their own food, they become open and receptive to trying new flavors! We offer your Jr. Chef the opportunity to explore their food boundaries and give them the tools needed to find out if they have the stuff of Chefs! Each child will be able the experience food in their own unique style and emerge with a greater understanding  of the food culture and learn technical skills. All while having fun, making new friends, and being apart of our winning teams! Please note* Our camps as well as our classes are non-refundable. If your child is unable to attend, feel free to invite another child in their place providing they are in the age range specified.  


Summer Camp Week One July 10-14, 2017

Join us for a week long culinary adventure as we set sail on our EUROPEAN CAMP!
The best that Paris, Rome, Barcelona, LIsbon and Budapest has to offer. From making our own timeless croissants, to cheese making in Rome and tapas in Barcelona. Each day of culinary camp will give your kids the opportunity to experience the amazing flavors of the old world in this first week of camp!

summer camp week two july 17-21  asian adventures 

This week will be filled with culinary adventures and challenges as we enjoy the foods of Japan with sushi making, Pad Thai and other Bangkok delicacies, we head out for a day in India as we make Samosas and finally we land in China for Dumplings and house made egg rolls! Our Chef Instructors will teach techniques, knife skills and authentic cooking practices with each group. Tier I (8-12) Tier II 13-16. We will have your child on the team according to their age and offer a unique opportunity for both levels of cooking.

This camp week offers advanced cooking techniques for those kids who are good home cooks.

summer camp week three july 24-28 baking & sweet shop

For all those aspiring bakers Level I (8-12) Level II (13-16) We are offering a whole NEW camp week this season. It's Baking & Sweet Shop ! Your Jr. Chefs will LOVE this highly creative exploration into baking from scratch daily our pastry Chef will help our campers create unique pastries, breads, rolls, and sweets not to mention a baked lunch daily. From cream fillings to chocolate dippings, we will discover the most creative fun way to bake and take some of our edible creations home to share!

summer camp week four august 14-18 edible food science

Playing with food has never been more fun or interesting! If your kids love science and food this is a can't miss week of FUN! Scientific discoveries have long shown up on your plates at mealtime and snack time! We will focus on experiments your Jr. Chefs can eat and repeat! 
We start with the science of what makes food delicious to all 5 senses and then get into suspensions, colloids and emulsions! Your kids will never see a cupcake in the same way again! It's all exciting and fun with our own Chef /Scientist! 

This camp week is for Level (8-12) and Level II (13-16) We will prepare a lunch each day and fun snacks too!

summer camp week five august 21-25 chopped jr. basket challenge

MCA Culinary Summer Camp would not be complete without a Chopped Jr. Basket Challenge! 
Your Jr. Chef will LOVE being apart of this exciting competition with all the fun and challenges of the Food Network show. Each team will create original, creative dishes with the ingredients provided in each surprise basket! Each day a secret panel of judges will blind taste each teams creations and crown the winners of the ultimate MCA champions! Themes, such as circus basket, holiday surprise, and even Kung Fu Panda..anything can happen during this awesome camp! We will prepare lunch each day and fun snacks too!

This camp is open to level I (8-12) and Level II (13-16) if your child has participated in earlier camp weeks this one can't be missed!