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Adult Cooking - Sip & Cook - Knife Skills & The Art of French Duck Breast

  • Montclair Culinary Academy 550 Valley Road Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 (map)

While France remains my own personal duck Shangri-laah, the cassoulets, the magrets, the confits! My love of duck runs deep. I adore every one of duck's global iterations that I've tried. And there are many. This vast family of waterfowl, which encompasses dozens of wild and domesticated breeds, has branches on every continent except Antarctica. Its hardiness and versatility.

The Chefs at MCA will guide you to prepare the perfect Marget in the true French tradition!
Port and cherries and cognac are ideal elements and flavors that bring the mighty duck to its higher elevation as a global culinary powerhouse of flavor. Paired with Potatoes gratin with apples, this winter favorite will warm you through and through.

Price: $100